Got Cramps? Acupuncture Can Help!

I love when I ask my female patients about their menstrual cycle.  When you come in for a treatment, I will always ask if you get cramps, migraines, or PMS, as the answer is a huge tip-off to what is going on inside your body.  


Almost all of my patients report some kind of pain or discomfort for a few days a month.  


Many will say they are “Not bad headaches”, “I do get really short with my partner- but don’t we all?” or “You know, normal cramping”  


I tell them, “I used to think that was normal, too!”


Through learning Chinese Medicine, I now know that cramps, irritability, pain, bloating are NOT normal. And I can help!  My acupuncture needles do wonders on easing the discomforts of your cycle.  Here’s how:


In Chinese Medicine, symptoms of PMS and painful periods are related to the Liver.  The liver is the organ that controls the “smooth” flow of Qi.  


When your Liver energy gets stuck, YOU feel stuck:  frustrated, irritable, constipated, headachey.  When that same Liver energy is too stressed (whether by too many cups of coffee, a stressful job, your diet, or just the way your body is built) your menstrual blood can’t flow freely.  Stuck blood = cramps.  Ouch.


Regular Acupuncture treatments can relieve or eliminate any symptoms surrounding your cycle.  I no longer suffer from PMS or painful periods, and you don’t have to either.  🙂

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