I began seeing Danielle about a year ago after struggling for years with terrible sleep and lots of stomach issues. I used to not be able to shut off my mind and would lay awake for hours before falling asleep, as well as wake up frequently at night and have trouble getting back to sleep . Since seeing Danielle, her treatments have helped me to improve my quality and length of sleep. I typically fall asleep within 20 minutes of lying down, remain asleep longer, and feel more rested in the morning.

As someone who works in a hospital around lots of colds and bugs, I credit seeing Danielle with keeping me from getting sick last year. She could always tell when I was feeling like I was fighting an infection without me telling her and helped my body rally. With cold and flu season looming in the near future, I plan on seeking her out again this winter to help keep me healthy and sleeping well.

Sarah, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Whole Spirit Acupuncture certainly is an appropriate name for Danielle’s practice. I’ve been seeing her on a biweekly basis for well over a year and the transformation I’ve seen in my life is remarkable. As she will point out, I’m the one who did the work, but she’s been an amazing guide, confidant and friend to me along the way. From my first appointment I knew that she was unlike any other acupuncturist I’d seen before; and I’d been to plenty.

Her warm and inviting presence is infectious; instantly I felt comfortable discussing my issues with her. My course of treatments ranged from depression to addiction to muscle and joint pain; she helped with it all. She also gave excellent suggestions on everything from diet to exercise to books. If you’re looking for a world class treatment with an amazing practitioner, look no further.


Since beginning work with Danielle so many aspects of my life have changed. While we initially began working on pain that I was experiencing in my back and hip we soon moved to realigning my chi flow and the flow of my blood. This allowed me to dive deep into meditation and created a space and time for me to address and move through various issues in my life.

Acupuncture was never a form of treatment that I had explored but since working with Danielle I’ve seen the astounding benefits that it has from a multi-dimensional standpoint. I can’t say enough how much I admire and respect what Danielle is doing. She is helping people like me and so many others in life have the opportunity to heal without medicine.


Danielle is the gentlest acupuncturist I’ve experienced. Her personality is inviting and bedside manner very comforting. She has treated my husband as well. He enjoyed going and felt that his sleep disturbances were resolved. I always feel improved and relaxed whenever I have Danielle treat me. I highly recommend her and look forward to my upcoming treatments.