Before your first treatment:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out  paperwork.
  • Eat a small meal or snack 1-2 hours before your treatment.  Avoid coming on a very full, or empty stomach.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.  I will usually need to get to your knees and elbows, and sometimes your abdomen.  Loose fitting clothing, exercise clothing, or yoga clothing are ideal.
  • Don’t brush or scrape  your tongue!  I will look at your tongue coating as part of your diagnosis.


When you arrive, please check in at the front desk, and have a seat in our waiting area, I will be with you shortly.  Help yourself to a glass of water.

I will take you into the treatment room, we will look through your paperwork and I will do an in-depth health interview.  We will touch on the reason you are seeking treatment, as well as all of your body systems, lifestyle, and emotions.  I will answer any questions you may have.

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You will then remove your shoes and socks and get up onto the treatment table.  I will take your pulses, look at your tongue, and come up with a  treatment plan for that day.  

I will then gently insert the needles into the prescribed points.  I may apply essential oils to your feet or specific acupuncture points, and I may put a heat lamp on your feet and abdomen to keep you warm and comfortable.   I will then step out of the room and let you relax with the needles in place (this is when the magic happens!)  

Most people find Acupuncture very relaxing and restorative, and often patients will fall asleep when on the table.  Each person is different, and what is important is that you are comfortable and relaxed.  


I will check in with you after about 15 minutes to make sure you are still comfortable, and leave your needles in for about 30-45 minutes.  After your needles are out I may do some massage, cupping, moxabustion, gua sha, or other modality to compliment the treatment.


And you’re off to enjoy the benefits of your treatment. : )  

After your treatment, be sure to drink plenty of water.  A warm epsom salt bath is beneficial to help release toxins after your treatments.